4 Week Home Hell


This is a 4 week home training program designed for FAT LOSS, you get full video demos of each exercise and written copies of the full workouts to follow, full nutrition planning and weekly check ins/updates. All you need is a timer and a chair! Everything is tracked in your online account, workouts, meal plans, recipe books all at the tip of your fingers! Are you brave enough to tackle the Home Hell?


First of all I want to get out there that all the people who say losing weight/getting fit can’t be done at home they can all fuck off.. Losing weight is a basic science and when we understand how our bodies do that process we are able to control it. Over the next few weeks you will learn about energy balance and how your body works in order to help you understand exactly what we are going to be doing. We will be using basic nutrition principles and a lot of hard work to get you to where you want to be. All you need is – a mat, timer(phone), and some floorspace (not much) so no excuses! This program is for anyone from athletes to the elderly the rounds are timed not reps so you can go at your own pace and literally the whole house can do these workouts together! And believe me the whole house will die together! Body Weight HIIT will be our form of activity, High Intensity Interval Training – you all should have heard of Joe wicks and his infamous HIIT routines, yeah well HIIT has been around a lot longer than Joe wicks and is used all over the world as an easy readily accessible form of exercise for anyone! Its simple and effective and by using clever planning of sessions and a carefully structured nutrition plan you will be amazed at what you can actually do. This program is designed to use the Full Body, under all kinds of pressure and in all planes of motion. If you really want to be fit, to shed some body fat and be feeling good, this is for you. Each week gets harder as you get fitter, make sure you come at each session with the intent to BE BETTER! Good Luck


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