What is the Real Life Academy?

The Real Life Academy is a team of health professionals with over 30 years combined industry experience in delivering health, fitness and general wellness education. Our main aim is to tackle the obesity and mental health statistics in the U.K. by educating people on how to truly understand how their bodies work. We aim to upskill health professionals, our school sector and parents to ensure the correct education is available for those who need it.

By tackling the education standard within the fitness industry and schools, we can ensure that our future generations are given the correct information from all possible angles. We also aim to have social media regulated so misinformation is prohibited and our children and parents know how to spot and deal with misinformation.

All of this combined will protect our children from the rising troubles that our nation faces so we can look to a positive and healthy future.

Our schools

The early year’s fundamentals package has been designed by Dale, who is our Primary PE specialist. Dale worked in schools for 7 years delivering PE to the current national standard but always felt he could do more and wanted to be able to benefit our future generations in a more impactful way and on a bigger scale.

Pair this with our SENR MSc nutritionists and our years of experience in helping parents and children become healthier and happier, we have been able to create something truly amazing for our next generation and something that not only will give them the tools to look after their physical body but also help their mental health.

Generation Alpha (anyone born between 2010 – 2025) is known as the glass generation because they are the first children to be immersed in technology from birth. If we assess the statistics in childhood obesity and mental health problems since these associated devices came into play, we can see a clear decline that is only going to get worse if we do not give our children the tools and understanding of how to protect themselves and how to stay healthy body and mind.

Our early year’s fundamentals package is a 12-week education block delivered in primary schools to reception, key stage 1, lower key stage 2 and upper key stage 2 ensuring we continue to progress this knowledge each year and further instill healthy habits and understanding

PT development pack

This Plan has been created to fill the gaps in your knowledge as a coach. A lot of the most important things about being a PT are neglected by most qualification providers.

This plan will help upskill you as a personal trainer by increasing your knowledge and awareness around crucial topics, ultimately making you a better coach.

Our team covers everything from client psychology to your branding design and even your marketing techniques giving you everything you need to ensure a quality service but also paired with the knowledge of how to make your service into a brand and a business that stands out amongst the crowd.

PT qualification

Our team are currently writing level 1, 2 and 3 accredited qualifications to be delivered to both already qualified personal trainers and new upcoming health professionals.

The lack of quality across the board with the 6 weeks level 3 PT qualifications that are currently available is shocking and we believe this is responsible for the statistics that 85% of newly qualified PT’s end up going back to previous employment.

PTs are not being given the proper tools to turn their knowledge into a business – how to run a business, how to get clients, how to package everything that you know into a brand that can start and be successful in this industry.

We want to give all health professionals the tools needed to be a success and the power to create a real change for their clients and our nations health.

PERSONAL Business Mentoring

This is where select few people will work with Tyler directly, there is a screening process where Tyler will evaluate your current business and strategies and make a decision on whether he believes he can actually help you, we have limited spaces so want to make sure we help the people who really need it and where we can make maximum impact for the time invested.

The purpose of this is for you to have a direct point of call and to have help with all of your business needs

To list a few things that you will get help with –

– Assessing and evaluating your branding and design aspects of your business,
– Lead generation,
– Creating sales funnels
– Helping you re asses or put in place marketing plans/strategies,
– Social media planning and direction
– Understanding your market and consumer psychology
– Price planning/finding your value
– That killer product

We have created a new platform where we track all of your business stats and logistics on a graph so we can see exactly where we are going each week with each check in, you will be given weekly “steps to success” to complete and have weekly 1 on 1 time with Tyler either via zoom, whatzapp or even face to Face if you are local and time allows.

You also get access to our new business development group with other business owners who have bought into our education and programs.

“We rise by lifting others”


Ask us Anything

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