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Welcome to Real Life.
We are a training facility built for real people, to get real results.

We have grown to now have two gym locations, personalised online coaching and the ultimate subscription platform 
so you can be part of our Real Life family whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your budget is


our gyms


Through our online training plans we have been able to change the lives of over 4000 people from all corners of the world!

We can create a custom training and nutrition plan to suit any goals and any requirements. We build you a plan based on your life, your schedule and your abilities. We aim to educate you throughout the process so you understand basic training and nutrition principles which allow you to stay in control long term.

We have a team of Masters level, registered nutritionists who will create your meal plans perfect for you and your goals, as well as daily Whatsapp contact educating you how take control of your nutrition once your plan is done.

A custom plan from Real Life is the last plan you will ever need.


Monthly Subs

Monthly subs is the membership you’ve always wanted and you don’t even have to go to the gym!

We have everything – gym workouts, home workouts, yoga, dance, stretch and mobility, child friendly workouts all saved to your account to use anytime anywhere in the world.

You have your own online hub with a progress tracker, calorie calculator access to over 1000+ calorie and macro tracked recipes so you can create your own meal plans to your personal required calories

We wanted to give everyone who can’t come to our gym the ability to still train with us in as real way as possible so we even created a “choose your PT” tab so you can pick which Real Life PT you want to work with each day.

Lastly you get access to our Facebook community where we have over 5000 people who have all joined us at some point in there sharing each others journeys and talking all things progress, health and fitness.

Monthly subs gives you everything you could ever need right at your fingertips.

Real Life Academy

The Real Life Academy is a team of health professionals with over 30 years combined industry experience in delivering health, fitness and general wellness education.

Our main aim is to tackle the obesity and mental health statistics in the U.K. by educating people on how to truly understand how their bodies work. We aim to upskill health professionals, our school sector and parents to ensure the correct education is available for those who need it.

By tackling the education standard within the fitness industry and schools, we can ensure that our future generations are given the correct information from all possible angles.

We also aim to have social media regulated so misinformation is prohibited and our children and parents know how to spot and deal with misinformation.


Ask us Anything

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please contact us by filling out this form.

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