Member Transformations

Some transformations from our amazing members

Holly Hagan

I’ve been so nervous to post these because this has been so much more than just looking thinner. I’m not saying “go do this and you’ll get my body” I’m simply showing my results from 12 weeks hard work at the gym. 12 weeks, 16lb down and i can honestly say that @real_life_health_and_fitness has changed my life 🙏🏼 What shocked me the most is that I’ve done all this eating CARBS! so many carbs!! Daily pancakes and cocopops, potatoes, rice EVERYTHING! I’ve spent my entire life crash dieting, starving, binging, making myself ill when I didn’t need to. I FINALLY feel in control

Jess Pearce

Home Hell                                                                                                                         10 WEEKS!!!! best 10 weeks ever. Done 2 rounds of Home Hell and Subs, and I've honestly enjoyed every second of it! I've been off plan all this week, not worked out once, blaming the weather! so took these photos today and compared them. looking at these photos I can't stop smiling, I'm shocked! Couldn't have done this without Tyler and his team, plus the support of this group and the live workouts are sick actually feel apart of something. Here's to another 10 weeks.

Sarah Hulton

Home Hell

-I loved doing home hell. I don't think I've ever done anything workout wise that was so mentally and physically challenging but in a good way. There were times where I thought it had broken me but I was determined I was going to complete it. I also really enjoyed the workouts and learning how to properly use MFP, seeing the weekly changes in my body and all the help and guidance you receive from Tyler and his team. Jordan my nutritionist was also amazing, keeping constant contact and providing me with new meal plans when I asked.


PT client

I absolutely loved the 8 weeks. I've never done any sort of program before. And whilst it was hard it was so worth it. I won't be going anywhere now I am part of the Booty Gang. I know you guys will be right alongside me, pushing me and helping me to reach my goals.

Zoe mccaffrey

Home Hell

I loved the past 8 weeks, don’t get me wrong they were tough and some workout reduced me to tears 😂😂. But seeing the weekly progress pushing you on each workout to be better!
There's honestly nothing to improve about your service, the team are always there when I need any advice, and everything is laid out so easy to follow and explained in such detail in the plan! I’ve still got a long way to go to get to where I want! But it has shown me what can be achieved in such a short space of time!

Luke Budd

Home Hell

Home Hell is exactly what it says on the tin... Hell, haha! But its 100% worth it! its challeneinging yet rewarding nd the team are absaloutly on fire! there always there when you need them. pointing you in the right direction and keeping you going. and it helps that theit support has mean ive nearly lost a stone and a half!

Linda Dodd

Home Hell

Oof I deffo enjoyed the last 8 weeks, but it was harsh 😅 the first two weeks I really had to push through because mentally, especially because I didn't see any weight changes. But when I tried on some pants that were too tight at first and now fit perfectly, I just got super excited and really noticed changes in my clothes and pictures, which made me super happy 😊 I gained quite some weight during lockdown and when I saw myself I just wanted to puke, and now I like what I see in the mirror so it has definitely helped my goals! Physically as well as mentally 😊

Gemma Jones

PT Client

I will forever keep looking back to see how far I've come. Never will I let myself slip back into that person in the top picture. 2 stone down. And I feel mentally and physically fitter, stronger and better.
I can't thank Real Life Health and Fitness enough.

Beth Clayton

6 Week Booty Plan

I loved this program! I started seeing results in the first week n half. It was so intense which at times I'm not gonna lie, I was nearly crying! I'm so happy with the results. The meal plan really helped as I was unhealthy and lazy but now I've learned more about what is good and bad for me.

Chelsea Nicholson

PT Client

I am generally the happiest I've ever been within myself with my body etc in probably the last 9-10 years. I'm only 9lb off my chosen goal weight that I wrote down a long, long time ago! So grateful to you all!


Home Hell + Get Fit at Home

16 weeks go I started real life in the beginner's gang and I've just hit the stone and a half mark! I am so happy!! I've learned so much and the live subs have honestly changed up my workout routine.

Jessica Dixon

Home Hell

I've never had a plan so tailored to me and so successful, so it obviously works! the responsiveness of you guys shows true passion!

Georgina Honeyman

6 Week Booty Plan

Sophie Hulex

6 Week Booty Plan

I loved the booty plan. It made me understand how to fuel my body and learn how to track macros and calories. The workouts were easy to follow and I loved the range of exercise I learned to do. My shape has changed so much and I’m so happy with my progress. I can’t wait to continue using the knowledge I’ve gained to further reach my goals.

Grace Mouser

Home Hell

I wanted to drop you all a note to say a massive, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. After Home Hell twice I am now on monthly subs and frickin LOVE IT! Not only have you helped me achieve my goal for my 30th but you have all honestly kept me sane, motivated, and focused throughout this really hard time.

kylie giless

Home Hell

The secret is out... I’ve been losing weight from the start of the year. Lockdown hit and @real_life_health_and_fitness decided to do something about it. I’m so glad and thankful that I decided to see if I could get a spot, knowing how hard I would need to work. Well.... the rest is history. No better team. No better way. This. Is. Real. Life

Haylea Rawlinson

The Booty Pan

Ella Louise

PT Client

Harriet Delvard

6 Week PT

Anthony Marsh

Nutrition Plan

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