Monthly Fitcamp


Monthly Fitcamp Includes:

  • Full class timetable
  • Open gym
  • Online Weight Tracker
  • Private Facebook group
  • Full online account
  • Monthly Subs included
  • Recipe books
  • Home workouts
  • Gym workouts

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Unlimited Access to both gyms, all classes and a full online account with Monthly Subs.

Our “classes” are Group Training sessions, these are not your typical classes with a cheerleader at the front not giving a damn, this is you being coached properly, form corrected, pushed to your limits, this is you being part of our team and getting everything you need for success.

Your full online account with Monthly Subs has your own Weight Tracker to update weekly with your body stats and photos, you have access to 25+ Recipe Books and we add a full new book each month! Currently over 1000 meals all calorie and macro tracked. As well as eating out assets with the calories on for all your favourite places to help you make the right choices when your out, you have a myfitnesspal help document to help you understand how to use the app. There are 1000’s of home workouts with 19 new ones added each week and on top of all that you have your own exercise library and gym induction so you know exactly what you’re doing in the gym!

If you cant make it to the gym we got you covered there literally are NO EXCUSES.

With your Unlimited access to the gym, our massive range of group training sessions and classes, your Online Account, Live workouts and Q+As along with all the help documents at your disposal you have absolutely everything you need to make a change.

That’s exactly what we want Real Life to be, a place where you have it all, a place where you can ask questions and know that people genuinely have your best interests at heart.



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If you are interested in purchasing a membership please email

If you are interested in purchasing a membership please email


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