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Dan-Group – Tuesday/Thursday 5pm


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Train with Dan,

2 sessions a week – 6 weeks – Fat Loss Group

Tuesday/Thursday – 5pm – you must commit to at least 2 other sessions each week from our weekly schedule so you are training minimum 4x a week.

Full price £250 you pay £20 now and £230 cash on arrival

Group PT – maximum of 4 people per group, all similar goals and abilities selected by us to make sure you best suit.

This will be a Beginners group – starting from the very basics, getting used to the gym, building you up each week.

With every membership you will get your own online profile with access to our monthly subscription where all classes are live streamed and uploaded daily! You also have access to our recipe books – theres currently 8 with over 240 meals collectively, all calories and macro tracked!  You have additional learning features to help you make better choices with food and “how to” videos on everything you can imagine in a gym.

All members have the option to join our exclusive facebook group, theres over 800 people currently all trying our hardest to be the best version of oursleves, the groups active with progress pics, meal ideas, motivation, bad day stories literally everything, this is real life! its good to be part of a team, seeing other people going through it with you always helps. we have built a solid community and you get the option to be part of it.

theres been some changes in service – from now on all PT client get your own personal nutrition advisor alongside your PT, you will have regular contact your nutrition advisor throughout your program, you will get personalised meal plans to suit you and your goals and these will be amended when needed based on your results each week.

We now have 2 Masters in sports Nutrition on the Team who oversee all nutrition planning at Real Life making sure you are getting the best of the best in nutrition coaching.

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions all weigh and measures will be done by yourself and uploaded onto your online progress tracker each week, along with your weekly tick list and feedback. This is the same way online clients have their weekly check in, you will have your feedback/amendments within 24hours, your PT will also be updated weekly on progress and if any changes are needed in terms of training/rest/recovery.

What we offer is different to anything else, we are a team of health professionals that all work together with your best interests at heart, we make sure the best person for the job does the job. The most amazing PTs dont want to do another 4 years of education to get a masters in nutrition, and most people who do the 4 years to get the masters in nutrition want to work with clients based on solely what they specialise in, we get the best of both pair them up and give them to you, the ultimate in Personal Training and Nutrition.


Dan is a level 3 Personal Trainer, Dan is the Most experienced trainer at Real Life and has 14 years of PT and Training under his belt!

Dan is a technical master, muscle biomechanics, movement and overall health! On one of my PT Coaching videos on youtube i speak about Dan, how i used to watch him work while i was studying and id be in awe at the attention to detail and technical accuracy this man possesses! i wanted to be like Dan! now we have Dan on our Team providing the best for you guys and leading the way for the Real Life Team.


All Real Life PT’s undergo weekly training to progress, learn, educate each other and grow. we are different to any other facility as we are a team and all of us work together to give you the best!


*Due to Covid restrictions all classes will be via live stream until ALL restrictions are lifted. (CLASSES NOT PT SESSIONS)





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