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LBT – Our legs bums and tums

Our legs bums and tums is different, we will kill those legs, abs and glutes leaving you feeling tight and toned for days.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training, using weights and body weight movements to get your heart rate right up and that lactic acid burn in those muscles! perfect for burning as many calories as possible!


Is a mixture of everything we mix it up between weights primal movements cardio and core. We can change the format of this class from circuits to meta-fit to strength training and or anything in between.


A number of workout stations mixed with weights, bodyweight and core work. Moving through each station at timed intervals, this will kill your full body.

The Bitch!!

The Bitch is a meta fit track that we play, The bitch will talk you through from start to finish, by the end you will know why she’s called the BITCH!!!

Booty Bootcamp

In this session you will all use our very own branded Booty Bandz.  40 Minutes of your booty on fire!! Not a massive calorie burner but perfect for tightening and strengthening those glutes and improving your compound lifts.

Group PT

This class is going to be focused on technique tempo timings breathing cues and all of the important stuff to maximise your gains!! This can be downstairs using equipment or upstairs in the studio.

Abs and Cardio

Exactly what it says full Abs and Cardio Session.


This is a mixture of cardio weights and endurance pushing you to your physical limits. Don’t expect to have it easy at Bootcamp come ready and prepared to work!!

Full Body Weights

Using the bars we will take you through a full body workout making sure we it every single muscle group to get that lactic burning. This is perfect for weight loss and toning and burning as many calories as possible.


This is not teaching how to be ROCKY!! This is to unleash some anger get a massive upper body burn and sweat it all out. Go through pad work to bags, battle ropes and core. You get it all in this class.

Savage Saturday

Exactly what it says on the tin!!